Art and Witnessing

Workshop by Edinburgh Quakers
Art And Witnessing

Art is witness of our experiences; it can also be worship of the most imaginative kind.
This event, which is both active and reflective, comprises a visit to the beach at Cramond (on public transport) to gather natural and human-made objects as source material, an indoor workshop to make pieces of art, photograph, draw or write, and a curated exhibition at the Quaker Meeting House to share our findings.
We will witness our thoughts and feelings too.

All ages

Please contact Michele Gunn at to book a place

Outdoor workshop (13th).
Indoor workshops (14th and 15th).
Exhibition (16th and 17th).

Tue, 13 Aug
11:45am - 5pm
Wed, 14 Aug
2 - 5pm
Thu, 15 Aug
2 - 5pm
Fri, 16 Aug
2 - 5pm
Sat, 17 Aug
2 - 5pm