The Naked Dietitian
Dates: 20th-24th Aug 2018
Time: 20:00 (21.00)
Price: £10.00 (£8.00)

Solo Theatre, Drama, age 16+.

LGBT, Adult themes. Spoken and visual reference to self-harm

BSL - Wednesday 22nd August

Company Description

A new collaboration between The Naked Dietitian and New Slang Productions. The poetry and dietetic experience of Lucy Aphramor is honed to extraordinary emotional impact under Tian Glasgow's sparse direction.

Production Description

ENOUGH is a powerful solo theatre piece exposing a life of white, thin privilege through a traumatised body. Can the liberation of one award-winning self-harming poet-dietitian be connected to all liberation? This is a sexy feminist lyrically explosive performance whilst by being body, Mad, queer and age-positive.






Lucy doesn't like the omnipresent patriarchal status quo and she has found the means of telling us so. She doesn't give a 'Jim'll fix it shit' about any of it.


Her narrative verse shocks us out of our 'hazy double think of comfortable solutions', I think that' s what she said, her stream of well crafted words tumbled out so fast they were hard to catch in the dark.



Lucy has clearly had enough. She has had enough of us all including herself.


Though thoroughly pained, she is sharply aware of our plight and 'sick to death of our check list journalling'. Our ugly 'pretence that Grenfell isn't happening in the bodies of survivors. Such are 'the time-lines of atrocity'.



To be vividly alive to all this trauma and catastrophe moment by moment, word for word is mercifully impossible. A brief, and it has to be said brilliant reminder is as much a most of us can take.



As Lucy says, 'Trauma has no choice', it is with us for the duration. 'We cant outwit it', it's with us for the duration and 'only what's bearable is shareable.'



Life goes on nevertheless despite, or maybe because of the 'telling courage of this dietitian', plus 'the open veins of her imagination'. Her poetry tells it like it is, with mesmerising intensity. Truth leaks out through out the headlong tumble of words that shape this show.



Music such as it was, seemed to me to be largely unnecessary, like black pepper on a good pizza. Enough really is enough and gives us plenty to digest even if some of it was pretty indigestible! Lucy Aphramor is brilliant! Go and see this show while you can!




Simon Jackson